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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Learning Center

Investment Options for your VEBA

Our investment options are designed to help VEBA participants accelerate the growth of their account balance. With your base balance, you earn interest and can pay for health care needs today, while surplus funds can be invested to grow your health dollars for the future. Interest and investment returns are earned tax-free, so your balance can grow free of tax obligation.

Available Mutual Funds

Investment options

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont investment options are offered through an arrangement between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, the account administrator, and the Charles Schwab Trust Company, the sub-custodian for the investment accounts. You choose where to invest, when, and how much.

Basic Investment Account

When your account Base Balance exceeds $1,000, you have the option to open a Basic Investment Account. Your investment account will allow you to invest in over 30 mutual funds traded through the Schwab mutual fund platform. 

See Opening and Managing a Basic Investment Account for more information.


If you choose to invest money beyond $1,000 from your VEBA into a basic investment account, you'll be responsible for an $18 fee per account per year deducted annually from your Basic Investment Account and is only deducted when the Basic Investment Account has a balance.

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