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Choosing Beneficiaries for Your VEBA Account

Learn what a beneficiary is and how to add or change beneficiaries on your VEBA account.

Please note, due to IRS regulations, not all VEBAs are eligible for beneficiaries. If you are unsure if your VEBA allows beneficiaries, please contact your employer or Further customer service to find out if your plan allows VEBA beneficiaries.

What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person, group of people, trust, or estate that receives the funds in your account when you die. 

Unused funds upon death

After the death of an account holder, the balance of a VEBA account can be used by the surviving spouse and eligible dependents. 

In cases where there is no surviving spouse or children, the account passes to the beneficiaries if beneficiaries are allowed under your VEBA.

Adding, editing, and removing beneficiaries

  1. Sign into [ or partner SSO link]
  2. Click the My Profile menu
  3. Choose See all settings 
  4. Scroll to your VEBA settings
  5. Click Manage next to VEBA Beneficiaries (will display only if your VEBA allows beneficiaries)

To add a beneficiary

  1. Click the Add Beneficiary button
  2. Fill out the new beneficiary form and click Save

To edit a beneficiary

  1. Click Edit to manage the beneficiaries you already have listed
  2. Click the Edit button next to the beneficiary you want to adjust
  3. Update the beneficiary information and click Save

To remove a beneficiary

  1. Click Edit to manage the beneficiaries you have listed
  2. Click the Remove button next to the beneficiary you want to remove
  3. On the Remove Beneficiary screen, click Save to remove the beneficiary
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